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Pedestrian Accidents

Claim the Compensation You Deserve with Our Skilled Pedestrian Accident Lawyers!

Were you hurt in an auto crash as a pedestrian?

We know a lot of fear and vulnerability accompanies such a horrible encounter. The road to recovery can be long and complicated, resulting in expensive medical bills and income loss.

Don’t let insurance agencies exploit or take advantage of your misfortune. Our committed group is here to fight for you and guarantee you get the compensation you deserve. From haggling with insurance providers to building a solid case, our talented pedestrian accident legal counselors are here.

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What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

Many causes are responsible for pedestrian accidents on roadways. While pedestrians are sometimes injured from distractions, such as texting, answering calls, or walking along roads and highways prohibited to pedestrians.

Other causes include the following:

  • Crossing an intersection or roadway improperly
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication
  • Poor visibility or inclement weather conditions
  • Failing to yield to those with the right of way
  • Running on the road
  • Playing or working on a roadway

What Compensation Are You Entitled To From Pedestrian Accidents?

If you were injured as a pedestrian, you may be entitled to damages from an at-fault driver. You can still file an accident claim or lawsuit even if you were a pedestrian involved in a car accident.

There are many forms of damages and compensation for pedestrian accidents. Some are financial, and others are physical or emotional. Depending on the details of your case, your compensation may include:

Income Loss

A pedestrian struck by a vehicle faces a daunting reality—vulnerability and catastrophic injuries that can take weeks, months, or even years to heal. Some injuries may even be permanent. But here’s some good news: if you had to take time off work, paid or unpaid, you could be entitled to compensation.

Medical Expenses

From emergency room care to surgeries and prescription medications, the treatments you need to recover from your injuries can become incredibly expensive. Whether it’s doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, or essential medical equipment, you have a right to compensation for your injuries resulting from your accident.

Property Damage

If your personal property, home, or other belongings were damaged in your pedestrian accident, you can request compensation to cover the repairs and replacement costs. Working with a lawyer specializing in pedestrian accidents ensures you receive your rightful compensation.

Pain and Suffering

Physical and emotional pain may not be visible damage from an accident, but you still have the right to compensation if you’re the victim of a pedestrian accident. These damages can include emotional and physiological trauma, permanent disabilities, and reduced quality of life.

Trust Our Lawyers to Manage Your Case

Pedestrian accidents aren’t an easy experience, and our lawyers understand how difficult it is to navigate on your own. Our lawyers are available to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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