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Dog Attacks

Injury Lawyers for Dog Attacks

Dog attacks and bites can be a terrifying experience, particularly for children. If you or your child has suffered a severe injury due to a dog bite, our lawyers are dedicated to securing the rightful compensation you deserve.

Many dog bite victims hesitate to pursue a personal injury lawsuit because the compensation might burden the dog owner, who might be a friend or relative. Nevertheless, it’s essential to know that homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover liability in such cases.

Our dog bite lawyers are adept at securing maximum recovery for dog bite victims from insurance companies

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Liability for Dog Attacks

In most cases, lawyers do not need to demonstrate that a dog had a history of vicious behavior or had previously shown signs of danger. The dog owner is held strictly liable, except when the animal was provoked.

To establish liability for a dog bite, you must demonstrate three key points:

  1. The person you are suing is the owner of the dog that bit you.
  2. The dog did, indeed, bite you.
  3. The dog bit you while you were on public property or legally present on private property.

New Jersey is part of most American states that hold dog owners legally responsible for all damages caused by dog attacks or bites, regardless of whether the dog had a history of biting humans.

What Kind of Compensation Can You Receive for Dog Attacks?

Dog attacks can lead to many different types of damage. The severity and circumstances surrounding the attack are usually the factors determining the compensation you can receive.

This kind of compensation can include the following:

  • Expenses related to medical treatment for dog bite injuries
  • Costs of plastic surgery
  • Compensation for lost wages because of the injury
  • Damages for emotional distress
  • Counseling services for child victims of dog bites
  • Compensation for permanent scars or disfigurement
  • Damages for pain and suffering

What to Do if You’ve Suffered a Dog Attack

Collecting evidence is one of the most essential things to do if a dog has attacked you or your child. This evidence includes pictures and details regarding injuries, medical records, incident reports, and any memorable details regarding the attack.

Then, you should contact a lawyer. Our team has many years of experience helping victims receive compensation for various personal injury claims, including dog bites and attacks. Contact us today to ensure you have all the help you need when dealing with dog attacks.

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